Pikolo Systems provides professional services to our clients to complement our solutions and products. Our client services include: setup and configuration assistance, onsite and offsite training, and customization of existing solutions to meet client needs.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients get the most out of their investment. We achieve this by being client centric and being committed to our clients through the whole life cycle – from sales, setup and configuration to support and maintenance.

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Our Technology

At Pikolo Systems, our emphasis is on workflow automation. We can evaluate current processes and procedures and then develop digital workflow solutions to make that process more efficient and engaging.

Our technologies allows us to provide our clients with complete solutions that leverage today’s leading technological advances. These solutions provide for low maintenance and minimal learning curve applications that can easily snap into an existing corporate infrastructure. Our solutions streamline our client operations by providing the means to “do more with less” in a secure environment, regardless of the data location or disparity.

Pikolo Systems uses leading edge technologies to provide solutions to our clients. We develop using industry standards and sophisticated development tools. We use standards based design and documentation methodologies for our software projects. Technology is always evolving – so we make sure that our staff is well versed in the latest leading edge technologies available. Whether you need e-commerce, mobile technologies or interfaces to third-party API and web services – we’ve got you covered.


Pikolo employs US based teams that are versed in various development compilers. Our commitment is to your solution and not to a specific product. Our teams review your requirements and proceed with the toolset that is best suited for your requirements.

Our tool set includes: Python, C#, Delphi, R, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, OAuth, REST and C++. We are also experts in Office 365 Automation including Power Apps and Power Automate.


Like our development process, we are database backend neutral. Our team will provide pros and cons of any approach and identify the best solution based on the requirements.

We support  Oracle, MySQL,  Microsoft SQL Server , PostgreSQL, and DB2; including onsite and cloud implementations.

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