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Pikolo Systems has helped organizations of all sizes to evolve, manage and modernize their business processes. They achieved significant savings in their operational costs and are able to build agile, future-proof workflows.








Real Estate

At Pikolo we leverage our patented intelligent application framework to create custom solutions for various industries. Every business regardless of industry and emphasis has four common requirements: Acquisition, Distribution, Analysis and Process Improvement.

Our framework allows us to create solutions that provide   collaborative, workflow solutions that maximize resources while increasing engagement and process control.

The following are industry specific solutions that leverage the Pikolo framework to streamline operations.

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Broadcast and Media Operations

For over 12 years, Pikolo Systems has been providing broadcasters with operations management solutions. Our software solutions are designed to help broadcast operations work more efficiently in a homogenous and collaborative environment. Our solutions provide broadcasters the means to communicate and engage effectively despite the complexity of their operations.

From local television to network and internet operations, to satellite and origination operations, our products help broadcasters:

Acquire, Manage, Distribute and Analyze business assets.


#1 Discrepancy Reporting Solution for Broadcast

ITracker is a total end to end workflow solution for managing broadcast operations. Designed specifically for broadcasters, ITracker makes standardization and assessment a snap. Data entry is quick and concise while providing management with detailed reporting and analysis tools.  ITracker is used to manage operations reaching over 2 billion viewers daily.

Pikolo Metrix

Metrix is a collaboration software designed specifically for production operations: shared services, production, editing, creative services and studio operations.

Metrix is designed specifically for broadcast production and services; taking into account the intricacies involved in editing, campaign management and request management. Metrix is email enabled allowing your teams to communicate via email will still centralizing the all communications and project details.

Provides real time notification to those who need based on project status and defined work processes. Includes a powerfull API that supports REST, XML and MS Excel integration. Auto Loaders can be defined to automatically load schedule data (SchedulAll, etc) therefore minimizing data entry.


Pikolo Swift is an affordable asset management solution designed to fit your operational needs. No paying for features you never use. Just asset tracking the right way – Your Needs – Your Way. Ditch that spreadsheet and paper form. Get Swift and let your users manage their own equipment check in and outs while maintaining accurate logs of each transaction.


Swift is not a bloated solution with features that you will never use. Instead Swift provides functionality to meet your operational needs with the right combination of tools to keep your teams engaged. Swift is web-based and includes mobile support. The framework is role based allowing for easy access rights administration.

Bringing automation and analytics for improved business decisions.

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